Bear's-Eye View Writers


Thea Berman Photo

Though she came to UC Berkeley as an architecture student, sophomore Thea Berman decided she wanted the humanities to be at the center of her undergraduate experience, and she shifted her focus to the study of rhetoric and political science.



Zoe Forest Photo by E. Kotila

Zoe Forest is a junior double-majoring in comparative literature and history. The first event she ever attended at the Townsend Center focused on how humanities graduate students can present their research to a general audience, and since then she has been motivated to use her work to transmit the importance of the humanities. She covered Townsend Center events in Spring and Fall 2018 and again in Fall 2020.

Caitlyn Jordan Photo

Caitlyn Jordan, a senior from Granite Bay, California, is majoring in English and double-minoring in human rights and creative writing. She was first introduced to the Townsend Center's as a student in an Art of Writing seminar and continues to explore the humanities as a writing tutor with the Student Learning Center and a member of the Dean's Leadership Team in the Arts and Humanities. 


Erin Haar Photo by E. Kotila

Erin Haar, a sophomore from Moorpark, California, is majoring in American studies and minoring in journalism. Her interest in the humanities and social sciences first blossomed after she completed an independent research project on the relationships between mothers, daughters, cosmetics, and self-esteem. She hopes to continue exploring the humanities through the Townsend Center and her courses at UC Berkeley.